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Tutorial and workshop during ECAL conference in Lyon

From 4-8th of September, the ECAL conference will be held in Lyon.
We will organise a workshop on the 4th of September called:

The second workshop on Social Learning and Cultural Evolution (SLACE): What is social learning and where is it going?

For more information visit the website

And we will organise a tutorial on the 5th of September called:

Evolutionary robotics – a practical guide to experiments with real hardware

more information 

See you there!

DREAM meeting at Queen Mary University in Londen, 5 and 6 November 2015.

Discovery Festival @ NEMO, 25th of September 9pm-4am.

Weekend of Science at the VU, 3th October 12am-6pm.

Campus party Utrecht May 2016



My name Jacqueline Heinerman, 2nd year PhD student in the field of Evolutionary Robotics at the VU University in Amsterdam. Evolutionary Robotics aims to evolve the controllers, the morphologies, or both, for real and/or simulated autonomous robots with use of Evolutionary Algorithms.


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